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This is a site is under construction and pretty lame.

Three maps for download!
Plzzz send any comments to Monte VI

Chivitos Parade 1.1Chivitos Parade 1.1
My first Map ever. It is somewhat rare since it does not have the flag in the middle but off center. The battlefield by the flag is surrounded by high cliffs;a perfect place to put evil Souls.

Red Cross 1.1Red Cross 1.1
A straightforward carnage map with almost all action taking place in the middle. Flag rally fans finds weird situations to deal with and you need to think fast. Places for Wights to snipe out nonsuspecting foes.
Play it and send me comments!


All Headed for Rune United 1.0

Take a fight upon the famous Rökstenen (The Smokestone) in Mjölby, Sweden. Mix of units makes life so much better and Herons has never been so happy. Trow makes map a little powerintense but who doesn't like to kick stuff around (just wait 'till Sweden come to Wembley to kick the English around!)? Mesh includes one kinda light setup and one darker. For your leisure!